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Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me...Till then I walk alone........

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Comment to be added. It makes it so much easier if you comment first

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i belieeeve i'm already on the list

i am.. and your name gives me the urge to watch a muppet christmas carol...

I have a nice case of hearburn from sharing half a bottle of Jagermeister with Brandon in a mariokart drinking game. I still have the other half of the bottle. Does that get me on the list?

or for that matter, the both of us

i'll change my id.... can i add u again?

OooOooo, I wanna be added!!! Pick me!

fucking add me.


Hey, this is Beth (giggling). I have a new journal, so I'm adding you on this one. :)

Commenting to be added.
We have the same taste in music, pretty much band for band.
Testament \m/

*plays Strapping Young Lad - Underneath The Waves*

u gave meeh ur journal thing when we were in the chat room thing with jason k, mark t, and everyone remember?

doesn't ring a bell. IM me and refresh my memory

Hey, 'tis James. (insipid_dream).. I made a new journal.. and yeah.. I added you already.

Mr. T (

- used to be elijah

Hey, I saw that you're interested in Dennis Rodman. I thought I'd let you know about this ad he recently did with PETA2. That page also has some video footage with him speaking out against fur. Check it out! :)

Like Dennis Rodman? Click the link :D
Regards if you don't like advertising on your El Jay comments :D

Anyone who promises me a photo of kittens or an obscene gesture (or both!) is worth at least five minutes of my time. So add me n stuff and I'll add you.

Added. Now to find a box of kittens....

you should add your own sister....

... to your friends list.

you should update your profile.

It's dragonstar_ca... new account.... add me please :)

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