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Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me...Till then I walk alone........

Mr. Rainy Day
13 September 1984
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This is my info. In here, you will find that I am totally awesome dude. OK seriously, if you somehow find me that interesting and decide that you want to follow me through this journey that they call life, through all of its trials and challenges, through all of my adventures good and bad, and just the shit that I have to deal with on a daily basis as I get up to face the world, wondering whether or not I'll live another 24 hours, leave a comment and I will likely add you.

I go to UNLV. I am originally from Southern California. I am in a fraternity, but I am not a "frat boy". I have many interests but I don't feel like listing them because they are already listed. You wanna know more, ask

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